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Please read this before posting in this section! Empty Please read this before posting in this section!

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:34 pm

In order to get the most benefit from these reports, we would like for you to include as much information about the attack you have experienced as possible, or as much information as you are comfortable sharing. Remember that we are all here to help each other out, and with that in mind, I will be vigilant as the moderator of these forums that users stay on topic (especially in this section). I will not hesitate to delete posts that are hurtful, that threaten, or ridicule others.

If you experience a dog attack and would like to report it here please start a new topic in this section. If you have any questions on how to do this there is an FAQ's link just underneath the title of the site, or you can email me at At the very least, please report all attacks to the Yakima County Sheriff's office. We will be creating a topic for the specifics for reporting an attack to the Sheriff's office, once we coordinate with their office, so stay tuned for that.

When starting a new topic in this section we suggest posting:
1)Your location. This could be something as simple as just the town you are nearest to or as specific as you street address. The more specific location you give, the better the chances of pin pointing the exact location a certain dog either lives or likes to patrol.

2)The type of livestock attacked. For data collection purposes, this would be important to see if there is any kind of livestock that seems more susceptible to these kinds of attacks.

3)What is the extent of the damage? Were there any fatalities? If possible please add a monetary value to the attack, as this is another thing that we will be collecting as data for future reference, but only post this if you are comfortable.

4)Did you see the dog(s)? And if so, what did they look like? Again we need as much information as possible here so if someone thinks they have spotted the animal(s) responsible for your attack, they can be confident that they have spotted the correct animal. Also, if you did not see the dog(s), could it the attack have been the result of a different animal, like a cougar?

5)Date and time the attack occurred. If you don't know exactly when please give us an estimate. And don't hesitate to post about attacks that have happened in the past; again, we are trying to collect as much information as possible so that everyone in the area can be as informed as possible.

6)Any other information you would like to share about the attack or about yourself or your farming enterprises. We found that once we shared our attack that we experienced, we had excellent responses from the community and it made us feel a lot better and safer knowing there is a community of such thoughtful and generous people around us.


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