Alpaca attack Oct 15

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Alpaca attack Oct 15 Empty Alpaca attack Oct 15

Post  silburyhillpacas on Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:16 pm

Our alpacas were attacked by a large orange dog on Oct 15. Our address is 2361 Scoon Road, Sunnyside. We saw the dog attacking, and when it saw us, it climbed over our 5 foot no-climb horse fence. The dog did an extreme amount of damage to 4 of our alpacas, and they were put down because they were not going to survive their injuries. The dog injured 2 other alpacas, both of which have recovered. The sheriff's office was notified, and they have been patroling for the dog ever since. Four days later, we saw the dog run through our property, but we were not able to catch it. We have heard of other farms being "hit" by a dog with the same description. Please let us know if you have any information about where this dog may be.
Bob and Danise Cathel
Silbury Hill Alpacas


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Alpaca attack Oct 15 Empty The "other" dog

Post  SilburyHillManager on Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:01 pm

There was also another dog involved with this attack, although this other dog did not get inside the fence, it was running along the fence line (this dog is actually the first one I saw and the reason I went outside). We determined that this other dog was too small to make it into the paddock; we can only imagine the added damage that would have been done with another canine in the paddock with the other!

One thing that people need to recognize is that so called "good" dogs can be coerced to do "bad" things when they are a part of a pack, and when the attack frenzy has started, they can't help themselves and will join in on the carnage. Even a dog that you own could get involved with a pack that is attacking your animals, even if they seem friendly with your animals before the incident. It really comes down to the pack mentality for dogs, and in those situations instinct kicks in and they end up doing things you would never had expected them to do.


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